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Wedding Invitation Boxes

Wedding Invitation Boxes

For that extra special touch you can place your invitations in a beautiful presentation box. These wedding invitation boxes are ideal for showing those you most care about how important they are to your wedding, adding that extra personal touch. If you are feeling extra generous you can send everyone’s invitations in lovely personalised invitation boxes.

Each of our wedding invitation boxes can be decorated to your specification with ribbon bows and even embellishments. We can letterpress or foil press your chosen designs or wording on all of our invitation boxes.

Boxes are available in various sizes to fit your chosen wedding invitation type and are mainly used for pocket fold and pocket designs. If you have any questions please get in touch and we will suggest the box most suitable for your invitations.

For extra information please get in touch

+ Multiple colours, sizes and textures

+ Can be layered and personalised

+ Add ribbons

+ Add embellishments

+ Printed

+ Foil print