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Classic Fold Wedding Invitations

classic fold wedding invitations
classic fold wedding invitations
classic fold wedding invitations

Classic fold wedding invitations are your standard fold that you would find with gift cards, they look very classy and the upside is the cards can be stood up nicely on a shelf somewhere (meaning it shouldn’t get lost). These are available in various styles and sizes.

The classic fold wedding invitations can be decorated with any of our dressings and they are fully customisable. The inside includes a paper insert for your wording to be printed on. Your wording can be luxury customised with our range of vintage letterpress fonts or traditional foil pressed in a range of fonts, colours and styles. We can also add your custom emboss/ de-boss designs.

+ All types of card stock

+ Multiple card colours

+ Specialist paper for multiple layers

+ Add ribbons

+ Add embellishments

+ Printed

+ Letterpress

+ Foil press

+ Foil print