Destination wedding ideas

Destination wedding ideas

Destination weddings are becoming one of the most popular wedding options. Part of this is simply the ease of travel:  Hop on a plane, and you can be anywhere in the world within twenty-four hours. Another key factor is the return of the idea about life (marriage, in particular) being an adventure, and wanting to enjoy it. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that:  Destination weddings are an amazing way to tie the knot with your special someone! However, having such a large group (though generally not as large as a typical wedding party) travelling to the same spot for the same reason can be tricky. In order to ensure that your guests have the best time possible, to help you out follow our handy destination wedding suggestions.

Give Your Guests Time to Enjoy Their Surroundings

Sure, you might be getting married on a beautiful tropical island resort, surrounded by palm trees, beaches, and exotic forests. But your guests won’t know the difference if the only area they get to see is the location you say your vows, the hotel, and the airport. Instead of just limiting your guests’ movements to those only required by your wedding, schedule times where they can go and do their own thing, whether that be take a dip in the ocean, take a tour of nearby attractions, or simply rest in their room after a long flight. Remember:  They need some time to relax, too!

Plan a “Welcome” Brunch/Dinner

There are two ways everyone will arrive at your destination wedding:  Either all at once, or spread out over the course of a few days. The first option is, of course, the easiest to plan for. However, that tends to be expensive, leading most couples greeting family repeatedly. Instead of trying to plan a big welcome experience for each individual family member getting off a plane, wait until everyone has arrived, and then throw a little welcome celebration. A brunch is particularly good, since it’s a bit more lighthearted than dinner, but a dinner works, too. Take time to introduce people who might not have met, and thank everyone for coming. This is also a great time to give everyone the itinerary for the coming days.

See Your Guests Off

In more traditional, at-home weddings, it’s normally the guests that see the bride and groom off. However, if you’re having a destination wedding (that will probably be at the same place you’ll have your honeymoon), it’s your job to see your guests off. Once again, if they’re all leaving at the same time, this can be a quick breakfast the day of their flight. If they’re going to be leaving in a staggered fashion, you’ll do well to simply have a get-together the day after the wedding, where you thank them all once again for coming and mention how special they’ve made your day.

Destination weddings are very much in vogue, and it’s easy to see why. It can be, however, a bit of a conundrum to plan. Hopefully, seeing these suggestions for making your guests comfortable and happy while you say your vows has given you great ideas of your own!

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